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    University of Kalyani

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    National Council for Teacher Education


    The scope of higher education is very limited at Santipur. The students have to go a long way from Santipur for higher studies. Much time and money are lost. They can not devote to their studies also. As a result of which the scoring of the students in exams are not up-to the mark. Keeping this view in mind we decided to open a new B.Ed. College. Which is in need of the students of this area Santipur B.ED. College is the result of such thinking.

    In times of construction of college campus we strictly followed the norms and standard of N.C.T.E. a body of Govt. of India. The entire campus is located on a land of 1.58 acres. All the laboratories of Santipur B.Ed. College are well-equipped. We tried our best to enrich the library with 3694 books with a decorated attached reading room. An experienced librarian is in charge of it. All the materials of modern information science are available in this store house of knowledge. The computer laboratory of Santipur B.Ed. college is attractive and 30 computers are in operation. An experienced teacher is now in charge of it.

    Outward show is not enough, so we have attached importance on learning activities. It depends on the quality of teachers. Only good teachers can impart quality teaching. Our all the teachers are M.A,/M.SC., M.Ed. Their academic record is bright and they are also experienced enough. Students are the product of environment. Quality teaching is only possible in good academic atmosphere. The atmosphere of our college is so congenial that anybody is fascinated with it. All pervading silence quietness and eco-green field have made the campus an ideal place of education. The entire College Campus is under C.C. Camera. Ambulance service is also available here. I hereby invite not only the students but guardians and enlightened academic minded people of Santipur to come and see what we have done. I also solicit their co-operation so that M.Ed. course may be opened here in future. This is only for the best interest of education of Santipur and the district at large. It is our ardent desire to make Santipur B.Ed. College a part of Bengal’s one of the best advanced Institutes.