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    University of Kalyani

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    National Council for Teacher Education


    Santipur B.Ed. College is one of the best institutions in the district of Nadia. It is the result of our concerted effort. Dream has come true. Our hard labour & sincerity has been proved to be real. Central Govt. team visited our campus on 2012. The visiting team certified that from the infrastructural point of view Santipur B.Ed. College is best, no doubt. The visiting team of NCTE was really moved to see the infrastructure and faxed us to take the recognition order by hand. We received the recognition of NCTE on 31st August 2012 vide order No. ERC / 7-141.6.24 / NCTE / B.Ed. / 2012/13925 we are thankful to those who helped us for having prompt recognition of NCTE and affiliation of the University of Kalyani. Since then, we exerted our best effort for the consolidation and development of the College.

    Now, our College has taken a good place in the sphere of Higher Education. We attach top priority on academic discipline without which Education is not possible. Because we know an institution without discipline is like a ship without a rudder. So we impose discipline at first and maintained it at any cost. The Primary Board W.B. is so pleased that has sent 400 Primary Teachers in our College for training (ODL). We are successful in this regard. We are preparing for the second phase of Training and the responsibility of distance Education trances are also coming.

    In view of the growing importance of B.Ed. Training we have made our Multipurpose Room with the accommodation of 210 students. We have also improved the microphone system. The College management is striving for providing all sorts of amenities to the trainee students. Because we know very well that the trainee students of today are the teachers of tomorrow of the nation. We cannot draw out the best if proper academic atmosphere is not provided for. It is our top priority. We give emphasis on the safety and security of the students. For this purpose the entire College Campus has brought under C.C. Camera, moreover, round the clock security patrolling is also going on. In this connection I am to say that inconformity with the present age Computer education is very essential keeping this view in mind we have set-up an up-date computer late in our college. For elicited education all sorts of technological support is available here. For this purpose projector machine has already been Installed.

    In conclusion, we are very very grateful to our secretary Mr. Sunil Kr. Paul. His help is unforgettable. It was not possible to set up this College without the generous help of Mr. Sunil Kr Paul. We are also grateful to Local Panchayat Office including Zillparishad, DM., SDO, BLRO and others Govt. Officers. We are thankful to them for their encouragement. Thanks to all of them.